South Asia – Nanda & Lisa Giri

After years of prayer and seeking the Lord for an opportunity to minister to pastors in South Asia, the door was opened in December 2009.

While  South Asia has its share of pastors, many of them lack a solid  foundation of the Christian faith.  After holding a pastor’s  conference once, we knew that something needed to be done. That is where Calvary Bible Training began.

The vision is to gather as many pastors as we can and instruct them in the basics of doctrine, how to oversee a church, and how to prepare a Bible study. We would bring them all together and teach these things.


The more we began to pursue this, the more pastors in South Asia have sought us out to help instruct them as well! These pastors are ready to be all that God has called them to be!

At this time, we have trained several hundred pastors in these things, but we plan to go as far and fast as the Lord will allow. We’ve been blessed with a location that is central to 5 or 6 nations, and will try our best to teach them all!

Our resident missionaries, Nanda and Lisa Giri, reside in this region to coordinate the training trips and do follow up meetings with the Pastors, as well as planting a church there in Dharan, Nepal.

Nanda has also started a Bible School, to train pastors and to give them practical experience in the ministry.

Giri family

Please pray that we stay bold, full of faith, and filled with the Spirit to do God’s work!

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