What is Podcasting?
Podcasts are radio shows or other audio programs that are often episodic and are downloadable over the Internet. You can listen to a podcast from your computer or transfer it to your iPod, or MP3 player, and listen while you are on the go. When you “subscribe” to a Podcast with the iTunes application, the audio or video content to which you subscribed is automatically downloaded from the Internet to your computer (Macintosh or PC) or MP3 player – typically on a weekly basis.
Step 1.
To subscribe to a podcast, you will need the iTunes software, a free program, that runs (well) on both Macs and PCs. iTunes is available for download from Apple computer at:
Step 2.
Once you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can subscribe to Pastor Troy’s AUDIO podcasts by simply clicking on this link
You can subscribe to Pastor Troy’s VIDEO podcasts by clicking on this link clicking on this link